Dealey Plaza and the JFK Assasination

I had the pleasure of calling Dallas, TX home for two short years. During that time, I visited Dealey Plaza, the infamous place where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated,  50 years ago on November 22, 1963. I didn’t spend an incredible amount of time there, but I did walk around the grassy knoll, see the ‘X’ on the street where Kennedy was shot, looked up to the window where Lee Harvey Oswald fired his shot, and witnessed the dozen or so conspiracy theorists who preached their beliefs on the plaza.

kennedy x

‘X’ marking where President Kennedy was shot.

Photo credit: Michael via Flickr

Dealey Plaza is a park in the West End of Downtown Dallas. 3 different roads intersect each other forming a triangle with a green grassy area in the center. According to Wiki, the buildings and structures surrounding Dealey Plaza have remained the same with only minor changes since 1963.

Dallas from the Grassy Knoll

Photo Credit: Garret via Flickr

Within Dealy Plaza is the Grassy Knoll, a small sloping hill where a phantom gunman was said to have been, although it has not been proven.

290. Dallas: Where Kennedy was shot

The Grassy Knoll is the portion of grass in the upper left corner of Dealey Plaza.

Photo Credit: MP Chandrasekharan via Flickr

The Texas School Depository building, the site where Lee Harvey Oswald fired on Kennedy’s limo, also borders Dealey Plaza (the reddish building standing alone in the center of the above photo). The building was used to store book orders for schools all over the Southwest, according to this web site. The sixth floor, where Oswald fired his shots, was being remodeled during 1963, making it empty the morning of November 22.



Photo Credit: Parade


Photo Credit: Parade

jfk kennedy

Photo Credit: Strange Frequencies Radio


Photo Credit: Lisa’s History Room


Photo Credit: The Daily News


Photo Credit: The Daily News


Photo Credit: The Daily News

After John F. Kennedy’s assassination, it was unsure where his body would be laid to rest. Some thought he would be buried in Massachusetts, but when Jacqueline was asked where he should be placed, she said, “He belongs to the people.” It was then decided that Kennedy’s body would be buried at Arlington National Cemetery outside of Washington D.C. After the Catholic funeral mass was completed, Jacqueline and Robert Kennedy, together, lit the eternal flame.

John F Kennedy Grave Site eternal flame - Arlington National Cemetery - 2012-05-19

Photo Credit: Tim Evanson via Flickr

Additional Information

Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark District

The Sixth Floor Museum

Arlington National Cemetery


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