Namba Parks, an Oasis in the Osaka Skyline

namba parks roofSo here are my feet, standing on what seems to be an uninteresting portion of grass. Little do you know, this is on the roof of a building in the heart of Osaka. Namba Parks, designed by famed architect Jon Jerde, is a shopping mall which integrates outdoor green space into its architecture making it an ‘oasis’ in the heart of the Osaka’s urban sprawl. What makes Namba Parks even more interesting is that it used to be a baseball stadium!

9 floors of shopping, dining, entertainment and park spaces make up Namba Parks. From the 9th floor you can walk down to the lower levels via outside steps which guide you through the green spaces or inside via escalator or elevator. Either way its a stunning way to descend from the roof – this architectural masterpiece is visually appealing both inside and out!

383403_10100911954258335_2117073970_nBefore leaving the roof, make sure to take some time to view the flowers, sculptures and views. There is even a playground for children. During my visit many people were just lounging, treating this shopping mall as if it were a city park!

935417_10100911954388075_1320047397_nThe 9th floor offers the most grassy and tree adorned spaces, with fewer and fewer green spaces as you descend.







294112_10100911954178495_1565171649_nStores inside Namba Parks include: Diesel, Stussy, Urban Research, Minnetonka, Just Cavalli and other higher end brands.

931235_10100911954527795_1692045909_nNamba Parks is just a short walk from the Namba Station on the Kintetsu Line. For more directions follow the link.


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