That Time I Protested the Westboro Baptist Church


In April of 2011, the Westboro Baptist Church, the church infamous for its bigotry and insanity, organized a protest outside of Meade Senior High School. Their reason was that there were too many homosexuals attending the school. They issued a press release that was full of ridiculous allegations and incorrect quotes from the Bible. (If you are interested in reading their rhetoric, you can find it linked to this article.)

I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to counter protest with some friends. It was an amazing experience, one not to be forgotten. It was full of some really cool positive people, and some people who were just plain weird. Either way, the counter protesters waaaayyyyy outnumbered the WBC. We may not have been able to silence them, but we were able to drown them out!



WBC’s small group of protesters.













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