That time I wanted to go to the beach but I ended up in Niagara Falls



At the end of August in 2011 my girlfriends and I were supposed to go to the beach for CJ’s bachelorette weekend. We aren’t big partiers, so it would have been nice and relaxing but still fun. Irene had a different plan in store for us. Hurricane Irene was headed up the east coast, ruining our planned vacation. We had to replan and make split second decisions. The next place that we could think of, within driving distance, that we hadn’t all been to a million times was Niagara Falls, and actually, one of us had been there a million times… But we decided to head there anyway.

8 hours later, after driving straight north  on highway 83, through Amish country, passing a million middle-of-nowhere adult porn shops, we were in Niagara Falls. We got there during the afternoon, checked in our hotel in nearby Tonawanda and went straight to the falls.








Because we had a last minute change of plans, one of the women in my group didn’t have their passport, which restricted us to the American side of the falls. Besides viewing the falls, there wasn’t much to do. There were some casinos, lots of Indian restaurants, and asian stores. It was kind of weird. We were not impressed one bit… but it was comical.






The next morning we took the Maid of the Mist boat tour. We were given ponchos to wear to keep us from getting soaked. It was cool getting close to the waterfalls, hearing the roaring water and riding the bumpy waves.




Afterwards, we followed the path to the Cavern of the Winds. We were given another poncho so we wouldn’t get too wet. (Tip: keep your M of the M poncho. It is better quality than the C of the W one and you stay drier) They also give  you sandals to wear. (see picture below) The path was along the side of the cliff to the falls.






At some point CJ  needed to go to the Canadian side to run an errand. I hopped in the car with CJ and we crossed over (the other two stayed behind). It was when we crossed over to the Canadian side that we saw what we were missing. It was full of tourist attractions, restaurants, entertainment venues and nice hotels. If ever you go to Niagara make sure you bring your passport! This 10 minute trip marked my only time to ever go to Canada.

Niagara is a fun place to visit – the park is free and its very scenic. I don’t know that I will ever go back, but I’m glad I’ve been there!



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