Colonial Williamsburg, VA


A couple of years ago the women in my family decided they needed a weekend getaway. They decided to invite all of the kids (I’m included as one of the kids) and a couple of adopted family members and head to historic  Williamsburg, VA. My travel companion/roommate/bf/wifey came with us and we breezed through this historic city in record time (partially because it rained the entire weekend).

The rain made it difficult to visit all of the buildings and scenery. What I learned from this trip was that I prefer exteriors of buildings and gardens over average interiors (don’t get me wrong, if the interior of a historic place is richly decorated I enjoy it, but if it is just an average person’s home it is not as interesting to me). Because of my preference to the outdoors, I didn’t get to take as many photos as I liked, but I did get to take some.

The following photo journal is of both my photos and photos I found on Flickr. I’ve included credits if the photos aren’t mine. Enjoy!








Colonial Williamsburg Virginia IMG_9336

Photo Credit: David Kozlowski

Williamsburg, Virginia

Photo Credit: Outdoor Traveler

Governor's Palace, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia


Photo Credit: Al


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