Itatehyozu Shrine, Himeji, Japan

I visited Himeji in April in hopes of seeing cherry blossoms around Himeji Castle. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Itatehyozu Shrine which had its 3 ‘mountains’ up for viewing. I took tons of pictures, since they are some of the coolest things that I’ve seen here, but it wasn’t until I got home that I learned just how lucky I was to stumble upon this shrine!

Itatehyozu Shrine

The Mitsuyama Taisai Festival is held once every 20 years, and 2013 just happened to be one of those 20 years! I missed the festival, but these ‘mountains’ were still out for viewing. I don’t know if they are always there, or if they were there for this festival – I will have to check when I return to Himeji. According to Discover a Japan You Didn’t Know, this shrine wards off disaster and bad luck for all of Japan. The ‘mountains’ are believed to call on the gods and are placed in front of the Itatehyozu Shrine.

2 of the mountains were covered in striped cloth and one was covered in kimono.



Itatehyozu Shrine


Itatehyozu Shrine


Itatehyozu Shrine


Itatehyozu Shrine

This was all I could find in English. On ALL of the internet, this was it…

For a great photo gallery of the Mitsuyama Taisai Festival, check out Global News.


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