Jones Beach, New York


I am an avid Phish fan who will travel to see this amazing band. With that being said, I have been to some random places that I wouldn’t have usually visited. One of those places was Jones Beach, NY.


The Phish show was absolutely awesome, but I also loved the venue. Jones Beach State Park is linked to Long Island, outside of New York City. According to Wiki, it is one of the most visited beaches along the east coast. The park and buildings were created in the 1920s and many of the buildings have an art deco style. While the beach itself was your typical public beach in a heavily populated area (not too scenic, not too clean, but gets the job done during the summer) the real gems were the buildings and facilities. They were amazing!









see… typical city beach

My company was great as well 🙂 One of my favorite shots of my best friend!


I think that one of the things I like most about Jones beach is the history behind it. Because of its location it is a pretty well known beach. My family is from the Midwest/Northeast areas and when I told some of the older members I was visiting Jones Beach many of them had said they had been there as children. While poking around on Pinterest I found some really great vintage photos of the beach. Check them out!


Marilyn Monroe 1949 – Gas Station


1930s – photo credit: Maudelynn’s Menagerie


Starring Ronald Reagan! photo credit here


Jones Beach Pool – Photo Credit: Google Images


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