The Story Behind the Picture



In 2009 I visited Istanbul, a long time dream of mine. What I learned on that trip was that I can sleep anywhere and that if I am tired enough, I cannot control when and where I fall asleep. This picture is from the boat trip my travel partner (and wifey.. long story) CJ and I took across the river to the Asian side of Istanbul. We wanted to be able to say that we had been to Asia, and of course to check out what was there. At the time I had blonde hair, and with my fair skin and blue eyes, I looked nothing like the Turkish people, and the Turkish people stared at me like I was a side-show act in a retro circus. Men would approach me and talk to me in very broken English and it was more than a little off-putting. When we got on the ferry, we realized that there weren’t any other tourists there and that we were the only non-locals. While sitting, sleep crept up on me. CJ did everything she could to keep me awake (including threatening my life) because who knows what could have happened if I’d passed out on a non-tourist friendly boat! CJ would have had to beat the locals off of me! I made it to the Asian side awake and in one piece – we got of the boat, ate some weird bread/pretzel thing, saw that there was nothing to do, got on the boat and went home. As uneventful as this excursion was, at least we had made it to Asia!


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