Namba Yasaka Shrine, Osaka, Japan


Namba Yasaka Shrine (also listed as Nanba Yasak Shrine on Trip Advisor) was one of the coolest shrines I’ve been to, but I have found very little information on it. It is a Shinto shrine in Osaka, Japan. I found a photo online, which is what made me want to visit it, but all of the information was in Japanese. I wasn’t able to find any real info in English until recently. According to this site, many of the original buildings were burned during airstrikes in 1945. (I’m always amazed when I learn that an area I frequent was once destroyed in a war less than 100 years ago!) Many of the present buildings have been rebuilt. A tug-o-war ritual takes place at this shrine on the third Sunday in January. The shrine isn’t kept up too well and it seemed a little run down, but the stage/dragon was awesome. It’s a little hard to find, so make sure you check Trip Advisor for directions before going!



The following picture isn’t too great, but it will give you an idea of just how large the lion/dragon’s head is.



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