Telling Your Personality By Your Blood Type… Wait a Minute – WHAT?

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Recently I walked up to a group of Japanese women and they were in the middle of a very deep conversation about each other’s blood type. I wasn’t sure what was going on, or why they had suddenly asked what mine was. I told them, then asked theirs and they proudly told me. Then I asked if this was something that they needed to know for an important reason – they responded, “Japanese people like to talk about blood types. There are many books written about them.” I still didn’t get it… finally I put two and two together and figured out what they were saying: you can tell a lot about a person based on their blood type. I decided to research this some more…



Photo credit: Asakusa Diary

Based on the information shown on Japan Today (direct quotes below), here are the traits of each blood type:

“General personality of people who have type A blood

—Consider things carefully
—Can understand other people’s feelings easily
—Good at hospitality
—Don’t express themselves in order to avoid possible quarrel
—Do things carefully and steadily, and don’t take the next step if they are not satisfied
—Honor student types who don’t go off the rail
—Big on cleanliness
—Can be calm even when accidents happen
—Strong on taking responsibility
—Hard workers
—Safe drivers”

– See more at:

“General personality of people who have type B blood

—Like to go their own way
—Do what they want without considering other people’s feelings, rules and customs
—Happy-go-lucky and masters of breaking rules
—Friendly and open their heart to anybody
—Not pretentious
—Afraid of being alone
—Get lonely easily
—Quick to adapt
—Flexible thinkers
—Don’t chase a dream much
—Like to play
—Love festivals and parties
—Have been in love many times
—Don’t get heart-broken over lost love”

– See more at:

“General personality of people who have type AB blood

—Chase ideals and dreams
—Don’t have secular needs such as greed and a desire to succeed
—Have strong spirituality
—Calm and rational
—Sensitive and easily hurt
—Have a complicated personality
—Private life is important
—Don’t like interference from other people
—Have various hobbies
—Vigorous in pursuit of knowledge in wide range of fields
—Are bookworms
—Have unique ideas and are creative
—Have fairy tale-like hobbies
—Calm and frank about love relationship”

– See more at:

“General personality of people who have type O blood

—Good at developing economic concepts
—Vigorous at earning a living
—Strong in face of adversity
—Dream of getting rich quick, but actually take a steady approach
—Go straight toward their goal
—Have leadership ability and often take care of younger people and people below them
—Very cautious
—Don’t care about small things, taking a wider perspective instead
—Devoted, but with a strong desire to monopolize”

– See more at:



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I’m still very confused. I guess I just don’t understand (or accept) that there could only be 4 types of people in the world! Yet I’m willing to accept that there are only 12 types of people in the world just so long as it’s according to the Zodiac  – and I believe(d) strongly enough at 17 to get my sign tattooed on me! (deep sigh and shakes head)

Let’s do a little more research…

_1_~1 (1)


Photo Credit: Linda Chuang

According to,  since blood types weren’t discovered until 1901, character traits associated with each type are fairly new. The fascination with blood types may be strong within the Japanese culture (and no where else, at least not that I’ve ever heard of) because much of the research was done in Japan. goes on to say that in 1916 a Japanese doctor completed research on blood types linking them to characteristics of people; in 1925 the Japanese military evaluated soldiers based on their blood types; and during WWII the army and navy were set up based on their different blood types.


I’m still baffled…



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With every strong belief in something (no matter how trivial) that differentiate people there will always be some wacko out there that will discriminate – and blood type is not immune. Mental Floss states that almost all Japanese – American baseball players are Type O (considered a warrior type). While this is good for the Japanese-American players, those players (especially in Japan) who are not Type O are often seen as less-than capable of playing professional baseball. Bura-Hara, the term explained by the New York Times, is the actual name given to discrimination according to blood type. The Guardian goes on to state that school classes are sometimes divided based on this theory and  jobs have been awarded to candidates partially because of their blood type.


I’m still shaking my head. I don’t think I will ever be a believer, although some of those characteristics seem to fit my personality… but I think I’ll just stick to Astrology!


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