Story Behind the Picture


In 2007 I took a 10 day road trip from Las Vegas, to LA, then up the coast along the Pacific Coast Highway stopping at Cambria, San Simeon, Carmel and finishing at San Francisco. I was super excited about all of the places I would be visiting but I was most excited about driving the Pacific Coast Highway. As I had referenced in a previous blog, this is the southern part of the PCHW and I wouldn’t make it to the northern part until 2013, but both portions are amazingly beautiful!

This photo is of me on the side of the road, overlooking a portion of beach along the Pacific Coast Highway. It was a little north of San Simeon, where Hearst Castle is located. On the beach along the road are hundreds of elephant seals! It was amazing to see them! They were everywhere! Some were lounging, some were flopping around, some were making noises! We saw  families, moms with their pups, and males playing! It was awesome!

If ever you are along the PCHW I’d definitely suggest stopping to take a look! Here are the details of where to find them!

Video streaming by Ustream


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