Quirky Japan


*photo credit: www.sodahead.com

Just few items I wanted to share concerning the kitsch and quirk in Japan!

The Most Unusual Japanese RC Toys

Check out the remote controlled cockroach…


                              *photo credit: http://www.japantrends.com/strange-japanese-rc-toys/

…and tissue box mover-thingy…..


*photo credit here: http://www.japantrends.com/strange-japanese-rc-toys/

Why Japanese People Make a Peace Sign for Photos

A brief post about the obsessive peace sign pose and how it can be sooooo addictive!

cute-kid-peace-sign-991                             *photo credit: http://www.japan-talk.com/jt/new/why-japanese-make-a-peace-sign-for-photos

Japanese Rent-a-Boyfriend Service Caters to Lonely Women in Need of Cuddling

‘Cuz sometimes a girl just needs a hug!

soineyaprime-550x535                                   *photo credit: http://www.odditycentral.com/news/japanese-rent-a-boyfriend-service-caters-to-lonely-women-in-need-of-cuddling.html

Decora Fashions

Because if some is good than more is better!

decora-accessories-101                                   *photo credit: http://www.japan-talk.com/jt/new/decora-fashions


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