Valentine’s Day in Japan

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Valentine’s Day in Japan has the same general idea as the rest of the world with one slight difference… on Valentine’s Day in Japan women give the chocolate to men! Men don’t give chocolate, treats or presents to woman! According to Wikipedia this tradition of women giving chocolates to men is due to a translation error by someone at a chocolate company. Wikipedia also goes on to state that half of most chocolate companies’ sales take place during Valentine’s Day! (Its all about the chocolate over here!)

I recently read an article about a Japanese company making special chocolate busts of women’s heads to give to their Valentines…. only in Japan!


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Men have different days to express their love for women. January 29th is ‘Love Your Wives Day.’ From what I have read on both NPR and Good this is a pretty new holiday and is primarily celebrated in Tokyo. Men gather in a park and shout over a microphone how much they love their wives and why. This is a pretty big deal in Japan since people here aren’t very quick to voice their feelings.

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There is also White Day, March 14, a day created by candy companies for men to give gifts to women. Wikipedia states that candy companies started marketing white chocolate for woman on this day, but it is also traditional to give all kinds of chocolate, other gifts such as jewelry and white lingerie or cookies and marshmallows.  Wikipedia also states that the gift should be three times the cost of the original Valentine’s Day gift, which is expressed in the term sanbai gaeshi. 


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