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As I’ve stated, I have found through teaching ESL in Japan that I absolutely love teaching! It’s exhausting but so rewarding! I feel like I am being of service to people every day. No other job has been this gratifying! Through this amazing process, I have had to use all of my previously acquired internet research skills to find materials to use in class. I could make everything from scratch, but why make it so hard on myself! There are thousands of web sites out there not only dedicated to teaching, but also dedicated to teaching ESL! It’s so easy to use what has already been provided instead of recreating the wheel! With that being said, here are some links to web sites I have found useful:

MES English – This web site has been one of the most helpful, by far. It not only provides flashcards, but games that can be used with the flashcards, worksheet creators including word searches and crosswords, bingo cards, maze creators, spelling sheets and a printable certificate creator. This site is awesome and has been a valuable resource!



Lanternfish – Another equally great site is Lanternfish. This web site provides flashcards, songs, phonics sheets, lesson plans, pre-made crosswords, creative writing sheets, and ESL ideas for Adults. I’ve had to tweak the resources on this site when I’ve used them, but they’ve been extremely helpful.



Teachers Pay Teachers – This site is not dedicated solely to ESL but instead to all teaching materials. There is ESL specific material, but I have been able to use many of the non ESL resources for my classes as well. You have to sign up for a free membership but then you are able to begin downloading. Many of the materials have a price, but there are some free ones that are definitely useful!

Free ESL Flashcards – Free ESL Flashcards is an additional helpful resource. Just like the title states, this web site has only flashcards. One of the things I don’t particularly like about these flashcards is that they don’t have the English words written on the cards so I need to write them in. Despite this flaw, this site has definitely helped me out!



ESL-Kids – I initially have only used this web site for flashcards, but after taking a good long look at it, I’m sure I’ll use all of its resources from now on! This page offers: flashcards, song lyrics, worksheet creators, and game ideas! I’m going to take a long look at the games right now….



Stickyball – This sight doesn’t provide flashcards, but it has an array of worksheets, idioms, writing activities, jokes, and games. I’ve implemented some of these resources in my classes.

Learning English Feel Good – This last site I recently discovered while I was looking for resources to implement in my junior high classes – they were struggling with using articles and I wanted some worksheets to assign to them for homework. This site had plenty! They are all easy to print with no need for a membership and there are a million (ok, maybe not a million) worksheets to choose from!


I hope this helps! All of these sites have made teaching ESL so much easier for me and I’m sure they can do the same for you!


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