Kobe City Oji Zoo


I don’t know if all zoos make me sad or if it was just the Kobe City Oji Zoo, but the animals didn’t look like they were having too much fun. I did get to see some cool animals though, especially a panda and a red panda!

The Oji Zoo is extremely easy to get to. Take the Hankyu line and get off at the Oji Koen stop. Follow the large blue signs shaped like arrows and you will find the zoo! You will know you are close because you will see amusement park rides.

The zoo only charges 600 yen to enter, but based on the condition of the zoo I think they should raise the price and put the funds towards an update. The zoo seems old and run down and I felt sorry for the animals. I’m unsure if all zoos are like this because I can recall feeling bad for animals at all zoos, but this zoo seemed especially run down.


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Some of the animals I saw that I don’t recall having seeing before were a red panda, a panda, porcupines, a stork and an elephant with tusks. I had seen most of the other animals before but it was still nice to see them. Many of the animals were pacing in their habitats – we guessed that it must have been close to feeding time because we did eventually see some of the animals get fed. What was interesting was how they separated the animals prior to feeding them. For example: they put a male hippopotamus in his own habitat with his own food and a baby and mother hippopotamus in a separate area. I’m assuming it was so all of the animals got fed and that there was no competition for food. There wasn’t any information in English so we never learned what the exact reason was for the separation.



Near the entrance of the park was a kiddie amusement park area that was cute but we just walked through and looked at all of the cute Japanese cartoon themed rides.


The zoo was fun to go to and I was super excited to see a panda, but like I said before the conditions were not too great for the animals. It was super cheap which was a plus, but I don’t know that I would go back.


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