Floating Garden Observatory (Umeda Sky Building)

I live about 40 minutes via train outside of Osaka, the other REALLY BIG city in Japan. It doesn’t really compare to Tokyo, but it is still relatively large. When my mom came to visit, we spent a couple of days in Osaka, but found there really isn’t much to do there other than shop and eat, and since we were more into cultural sights, we didn’t really spend a lot of time there. The one thing we did do was go to the top of the Umeda Sky Building to the Floating Garden Observatory.

I’m not really one for going to the top of buildings to see a city view – the way I look at it all cities look the same – but given that Osaka doesn’t have a whole lot to do, my mom and I ventured to the top of the Umeda Sky Building to check it out. We went at night, which was really nice, and it provided a view which showed me just how big Osaka really is!

I’m unsure of why the Observatory area is called the Floating Garden – there wasn’t a garden. Instead there was glow-in-the dark speckled flooring (see my feet picture above), locks there were hooked onto gates to symbolize love, and light-up platforms for ‘lovers.’ I don’t ‘get’ much of what goes on in Japan, but I’m guessing they associate scenic views with romance.

Overall I’m glad I went to the Sky Building – the views were great and it gave my mom and I something to do. I’d reccommend going to anyone visiting the area – its not expensive and its open late!




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