Finding an English Speaking Doctor in the Kobe Area


Before I even came to Japan I knew I would need to find a doctor relatively quickly, so I started the hunt while I was still in the states. I had mentioned my need for a doctor to the Amity recruiter I spoke with and she said it wasn’t too hard to get into a doctor, but I found that it could be the complete opposite if you didn’t speak Japanese. I looked around online and found the Kobe International Community Center web site which showed a list of multi-lingual doctors in Kobe. I thought I had hit the jack pot and that I was going to be super prepared for Japan life… until I actually needed to go to the doctor…

Amity promises to send an English speaking manager with their foreign teachers when they need to go to the doctor. I wasn’t too excited to share my personal health information with my manager so I made several phone calls to the doctors on the Kobe ICC list – what I found was that the doctors may speak English but the front desk staff doesn’t. This was not something I was incredibly happy about and I was disappointed that I would have to rely on my manager. The next day I went into work and set up a date/time to go to the doctor with her.

I was pleasantly surprised when my manager met me in Sannomiya Station and said she had found a doctor who speaks English! She took me to the Kobe International Clinic. This was several months ago and I have been back on my own since! Not only does the doctor speak English but his front staff does as well!



I posted this business card on Facebook yesterday and have since been told that there is also a Women’s Clinic in Kakogowa. The doctor is Dr Kitaguchi and her web site is here.

I hope this helps some foreigner in the Kobe area who feels like they are wandering around in the dark! I know I felt that way for the first month I was here!


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